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At XLR8 Driver Training our Driver Training Simulator (DTS) offers a learning environment in which students are completely safe. It is perfect for pre-leaners who are nervous about their first driving lesson experience, parents who want to help their children make the transition from instruction manuals to road driving, and pre-driver education programmes in High Schools.

Learners can gain experience in simulated driving situations in the early stages of their driving, without the fear or harsh reality of major consequences - this is an excellent way to get used to the numerous hazards and traffic conditions that exist on the road.

There is a comprehensive set of training modules available that provide realistic imagery to help students develop an awareness of driving conditions and build confidence in dealing with traffic. These modules teach a variety of skills from basic vehicle controls such as starting and stopping the vehicle, steering, changing gears, to more advanced abilities such as freeway driving, city driving, night driving and driving under adverse conditions (rain and fog).

All sessions incorporate the DTS Virtual Instructor and are overseen by a qualified driving instructor. Students can learn at their own pace while focussing on the specific task in their module. Modules can be repeated until the student feels confident with their ability in that task. We believe that the simulator helps reduce the anxiety & apprehension often involved with learning to drive and provides the core skills for when learners begin on the road.

Our DTS has state-of-the-art driver controls. It is a fixed position studio simulator featuring a real-world steering wheel with H pattern gear shift, clutch and brake pedals, handbrake, indicator stalk, light switch, and seat belt. The DTS also caters for automatic cars. The student is seated in a real adjustable car seat and audio is delivered by a 5.1 Dolby surround sound system. Three 46” high-resolution display panels give the student a 180-210 degree horizontal field-of-view. The images are presented at a very high frame rate in HD. The supervisor has an integrated user interface whereby they can control assignments and assess the student’s progress.

Our Driver Training Simulator revolutionizes the way that learners begin their driving experience, utilising state-of-the-art vehicle driving controls, realistic imagery, and traffic conditions, with complete elimination of road and hazard risks.

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