Driving Lessons

At XLR8 Driver Training our aim is to teach you the skills, knowledge and attitude to not only control your vehicle, but also how to observe, make decisions and predict what others may do. We believe this allows you to become
a safer more competent driver whilst also enjoying your time behind the wheel.

Both Automatic and Manual instruction available.
All lessons conducted in a fully insured, dual controlled vehicle. 

We assess and work with each student to develop an individual structured lesson plan, taking into consideration their current skill level, and also to cover the 20 Learning Goals as set out in the RMS log book.

Lessons     Prices
1 x 1 Hour Lesson Automatic Manual $80
1 x 2 Hour Lesson Automatic Manual $160
3 x 1 Hour Lesson Automatic Manual $225
5 x 1 Hour Lesson Pack  Automatic Manual $350
10 x 1 Hour Lesson Pack Automatic Manual $650
20 x 1 Hour Lesson Pack Automatic Manual $1200
Test Day Pack (2.5 Hour, Test Prep Lesson + Vehicle Hire) Automatic Manual $170
6 x 1 Hour Lessons     $360 ($60 / hour)
10 x 1 Hour Lessons     $600 ($60 / hour)


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